What's your favourite theme?

@Tusky oops I meant to vote black but voted dark, please move one vote for me :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@Tusky I used to use autoswitching, but lately I had Tusky pick light at night for some odd reason. (I should search for or file a bug.)

Dark is rather nice, so I generally stick with it anyway.

@Tusky is this poll just an "out of interest" type thing or are you using for making development decisions? Just kinda concerned at light theme being in last place...

@wolfie @Tusky we won't remove anything based on any polls alone.
Sometimes it's just fun to find out what people use.

@maloki @Tusky that's good to hear, accessibility should never be decided by popularity 😅

@wolfie @Tusky we would never do that. That defeats the purpose of accessibility. It's not for the largest group.

@wolfie Don't worry, no themes are getting removed! At most we would change the default theme, but looks like dark is winning anyway.

@Tusky It would be fun being able to choose the accent colour, if that's not hard to implement

@Tusky I still want to be able to keep different themes for different accounts on the same app! :)

But for now I solved it with using Nightly for the accounts I want to use the light theme on (work accounts), and the normal release one on Dark :D

@Tusky so not black on white? I feel like I'm struggling a bit with the contrast sometimes.

@Tusky light. I can't imagine how people can read light on dark.

@Tusky was using dark, but didn't realize it has autoswitching!

@Tusky black theme is nice during the night, but I prefer dark theme

@Tusky I use dark because I never bothered to switch it, but now I went to try the different ones and interestingly enough, if I switch from dark to autoswitching it stays dark (daytime) but if I switch from light to autoswitching it stays light. Is that a bug?

@Tusky yay! Didn't know that Black was an Option!

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