9 is out!
Creating polls, improved search, always expand content warnings, and more!
Read the full changelog here: github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/rele


9 will be the last Version distributed via the Amazon Appstore. In case you use the Amazon Appstore, please switch to F-Droid.

@Tusky What inspired the decision to remove it from the Amazon Store?

@ChrisWere @Tusky I imagine if there were a Venn diagram of privacy-focused users (ie the type that would use Mastodon, and therefore Tusky) and Amazon Store users it would look something like this:

@ChrisWere @matt @Tusky

Unfortunately, sometimes the amazon appstore is the only way to download an app which would otherwise rely on playservices for drm

@unperson as a teacher, i would use tapucate from the playstore. But i cant due to DRM so i have to use the siblingapp apenschiclass from amazon

@cyriac Updates can take days to show up on Fdroid

Yes, because the latest version is not available yet. #FDroid repo update still has to be pushed yet.

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