What are some commonly asked questions you see from your friends about ?

@Tusky i do not know what friend circles you hang in where you spontaneously talk about your niggling issues with free and open source software all day as a form of small talk but i really really want to be a part of them

@KatSuricata hahaha. I could've written timeline, but the felt a lot less personal.

@Tusky how do I make "load more" add new messages at the top so I can read things in chronological order

@flacs to answer it here as well: we've been working on a few iterations of this for the past few months, but it never ends up with a result which works for everyone.

We even tried to create a more advanced version which ended up not quite working.

Adding it to the list though.

@Tusky I totally understand, my current working is to abuse a peculiarity where I get the behavior I want if the "load more" button is only partially visible lol

@Tusky "What's this Thas-key app?" after i send a screenshot of my home screen.

@Tusky Too-ski or Tuh-ski
How to pronounce was the question here

@jarm that's a good one. I think you just pronounce it the way you feel fits best. 😅

@Tusky most of my friends seem to be confused the first time in how they can view their own profile, only after i tell them they can reach it by clicking their profile pic, is when they figuire it out. Maybe its a good idea to make a little tool tip about it on first launch?

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