9.1 is out! We made some small adaptions to be compatible with Mastodon 3, fixed a handful of bugs and improved performance a little bit. :blobcat:

In case you were wondering about our versioning: Everytime we do a release that has new features we increase the first part of the version number and set the second one to 0, and when we do a release that has only optimizations under the hood, we increase the second part.
Usually it goes like this: one release with features, then one with fixes, one features and so on, but it doesn't always have to be like this.

@Tusky I think it is a good way for versionning apps, it is hard to apply the semantic versionning to an Android app IMO.

@Tusky how quickly does it spread to g-droid?

I've checked and there isn't an update yet

@BrokenBiscuit can take a while! Its always somewhere between 12h and a week, with about 2 days being the average.

@Tusky when are you planning to make apk v9.1 available on your website too?
Still shows v9.0 as available for download.

@Tusky Looking forward to try it. And thanks for making a great tool for us.

@Tusky Is Pixelfed support already part of 9.1 or will that be in a later release? I was able to log in but it consistently crashes on the local feed, did not want to report it unless it's officially supposed to work (e.g. not WiP).

@Tusky unable to select more that one file at a time to attach. This build is useless.

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