11 is out since a few days. This time we did not make big changes, but quite a lot of polishing and some small new features, most of which can be toggled with a setting:
- Notifications about new follow requests when your account is locked
- disable swiping between tabs
- show a confirmation dialog before boosting a toot
- show link previews in timelines

@gray @Tusky I'm also a fan, tried few apps but got back to Tusky. It's not overengineered and clunly but simple and yet powerful, it switches to dark mode automatically! Good job! 👍

@Tusky hell yes, ive been waiting for a confirmation dialog before boosting for ages!!

@Tusky this (preference for tab-swiping) makes clumsy me extremely happy! Thank you so much!

@Tusky Excuse me, could you tell me if the translation function and dynamic expression will be used in tusky in the future?

@Tusky the function to translate a toot into other language and to make stickers (or emoji?) like this :ablobblewobble: not still
sorry for my poor expression :0170:

@Tusky Great news! Shall we expect it on F-Droid any time soon?

@Tusky it's been some weeks since v11.0 release but Tusky is still at v10.0 in F-Droid. Did something go wrong?

@melentye @matt you need to ask Fdroid, no idea why it takes so long :(

@Tusky @melentye Fair enough.

@fdroidorg Any idea when Tusky will be updated to version 11 on Fdroid?

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