We received some reports about issues in Tusky 12 and we will release a small update to address those in the next days.
- option to have the top toolbar permanently removed
- crash when viewing images
- bugs in the german translation
Anything else we should fix?

@Tusky maybe create an option to remove the "delete all notifications" button in the notification list^^ But this is maybe nothing for such a small fixing release

@Tusky Oh yes, this has wiped my interactions column a couple times now by accident and it was pretty frustrating.

@frumble @Tusky I haven't had any accident like this until now but I don't see any reason to use this "feature". Maybe make it opt-in so users have to manually activate it.

I could think of removing the navigation bar at all. The title of the tab is written on top anyway. Therefore I already know where I am 😉

@Tusky add an option to disable auto refresh and an option to keep the position in the timeline even after closing the app. It would be great! 😊

@Ezelty that's nothing we'd put in a bugfix release, but its on our list!

@Tusky that's right 😅
Glad to know it's on your list anyway!

@Tusky I don't have any issues on OnePlus 7 Pro. Really great app, it makes migrating from Twitter much easier. Good thing the apps are well developed, otherwise it would make it impossible for many to easily get up and running on Mastodon. 🙂👍

Can you:
1. Hide Pinned (profile page) if the user didn't pinned a toot?
2. Put user's Mastodon URL under their profile name?
3. Update audio player?

@duy That's not something for a bugfix release
1. it would make the tab suddenly disappear when there's no toots, could be weird
2. you can open their profile in the browser from the three-dot menu, is this not enough?
3. What's wrong with the audio player?

@Tusky I understand your ideas, but:
1. When you shows Toots-With Repplies-Pinned-Media at the same time, some language translated are too long, it make profile page ugly and can't understand.
2. I mean on Local/Fediverse Timeline, it can't show full someone URL.
3. The audio player is not show, instead of it, it was a music keynote and name audiofile.
Anyway, see this as feature requests. Thank you :blobmiou:

@Tusky Hungarian translation bugs were fixed. Thanks for noticing. 😉

@Tusky hi! In the Spanish translation there should say "Marcadores" instead of "Favoritos" 👍🏼

@Tusky idk if this is feature request or bugfix material. When you open the app and click the read more after not being on for a while it pushes things around and is annoying with talkback. Maybe have an option to disable read more and load everything i missed. If i wish to go to top i will tap the home icon

@n0btc @Tusky yes, I have that issue as I often lose my reading position

@Tusky when a tab loads in the background then it's initially empty. The items seem to be there (you can see the separators) but the content is not rendered until swiping between different tabs so they get re-rendered.

That happens quite a lot because I have a tab with followed tags and that takes a while to load so I go to the main timeline and come back to that tab later.

Seems like items are not properly rendered when out of view 🤔

I attached you a screenshot

@Tusky there's some weird behavior with bullet point lists (glitchsoc markdown)
as in, they show up correctly when logged into pleroma, without the bullet points but with newlines when logged into mastodon, and without bullet points nor newlines when logged into the same instance the post originated from
this is all for one toot on a glitchsoc instance (though the third might be something wrong with my phone since i wasn't the one who tested the other two)
relevant thread with screenshots:

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