12.1 is out with a new setting to remove the top app bar, bug fixes and improved translations!
Thx to everyone reporting bugs and translating the app πŸ’™

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@Tusky Nice! But how do you get into the menus and search with "remove the top app bar" enabled?
Yes, I just enabled it and have no idea how to undo it.

@Tusky Got it! Thank you. I did not realize there's a pull thing from the left side.

@Tusky How do I get Tusky to update my tab with my hashtags? I created a tab with 3 hashtags and I have since then added a lot more, but it only shows post with the first 3 hashtags.

@Tusky i tried the new setting to remove the top app bar, now i have no access to the hamburger menu. it would be great if the hamburger menu changed position to the tab bar (as in pre v12 iirc) while the top app bar is removed, or if you have another solution. i have to remove app data to get access to the settings

@dsvdv you can open the app drawer by long-pressing the side of the screen

@Tusky didnt know about that, but it does not work with gesture navigation I have on my phone

@dsvdv what gesture navigation do you have? It definitely works with the one on stock Android (where swiping from the edge = back).

@Tusky i got it working now when i changed the gesture setting to exlude the top part of the screen πŸ‘

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