13 is out! We added support for Profile notes & admin announcements and fixed a lot of bugs. Happy tooting 😋

@Tusky please add open in app(Firefox) support like fedilab.

@Tusky is there any way to bring back the hamburger icon in the top left corner? The avatar there just doesn't... fit.

@Tusky Sweet! I'll patiently await the F-Droid release.

@Tusky Thanks! Since I'm mostly on the nightly build I don't notice the mayor versions too much. Still appreciate the app and the hard work though 👍🙂

@Tusky thanks for the great work. Was that talkback bug able to be solved or should i be on the lookout for rusky 13.1 or 14?

@Tusky Se nota y queda agradable el pequeño rediseño de la interface y desde luego, la aplicación sigue funcionando tan bien como siempre. 👍

Buen trabajo, para este pequeño gran cliente de Mastodon. 🐘

LB: Tusky permet à son tour de mettre des notes personnelles sur les profils des gens !!!

@Tusky It'd be nice to have a data saver what doesn't autoload pictures

@c6amp Go to Account Preferences and uncheck "Download media previews"

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