Hmm the bottom bar staying in place constantly is a little distracting, not sure if it used to hide or was just a different colour but it's very prominent now @Tusky this is on light theme btw

@wolfie is your bottom bar my top bar? πŸ€” /mal

@Tusky that is a confusing question, it looks like this, the top bar that says home moves away when I scroll but the bar at the bottom always stays and it's quite distracting, I don't know if it's the colour difference or if it used to fade out but I never used to notice it

@wolfie yeah, so that's normal. Looks less awkward when you have that bottom bar at the top though. πŸ€”

It's supposed to go away when you scroll down so you get some more space.

@Tusky I think I've realised the issue, as twitter also doesn't move the bottom bar out the way but it's not distracting but the tusky one is a different colour now, it must've merged in better before

Also posted this reminded me of a common issue I get with posting from tusky, I have to repeatedly redraft as often the @ of the person I'm replying to stays as plain text


@wolfie ah, we improved the contrast for accessibility reasons. πŸ˜…

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@Tusky ah I see, I guess as always with these things, accessibility isn't universally possible a lot of the time

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