Would you be interested in on the Appgallery?

Option 1, Yes, I'm a Huawei User and I would like it on the Appgallery.
Option 2, No, I'm a Huawei User but I would prefer FDroid.
Option 3, I still want to vote but I'm NOT a Huawei User.

@Tusky I don't have a Huawei Device and I use F-Droid to download Tusky.

@Tusky Huawei User but do not use the Appgallery. I prefer FDroid.

@Tusky the appgallery audience and tusky audience are so different

@Tusky Not a Huawei user, but it might be worth it to gain a wider audience. This poll may be skewed because people who use Appgallery might not use FDroid.

@Tusky If you bring on Tusky to Appgallery, it will waste your time because Huawei will remove your app as soon as China goverment request them (Great Firewall rule). Even #Tooot Chinese app developer chosen FDroid and Play Store instead of Appgallery.

I would like to see Tusky on Huawei Appgalery just to let people know that there is a better social media than Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, VKontakte etc. even though I am not a Huawei user.

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