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Tusky @Tusky@mastodon.social

Folks on the Google Play beta:

1.1.4-beta.5 fails all connections and is useless because of it. I didn't verify the release build properly and the build system was configured such that it didn't include vital parts of a library I had introduced.

So, I just pushed version 1.1.4-beta.6, which still has the same library but (hopefully) built as intended this time.


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@Tusky @Vavassor Woohoo \o/ Thanks as always! Now I don't have to put up with the ridiculous column swipe on the web interface...

@Tusky @Vavassor Oops, I logged out earlier before I realized the app had an issue, and now m.s is telling me the redirect URI is not valid :(

@Skirmisher @Tusky That's … odd? Normally I hear that error from a really old change. The fix for that was to just clear app data, so you could try that?

@Skirmisher Just making sure: this is on 1.1.4-beta.6?

@Vavassor @Skirmisher I'm still seeing the same thing on beta 6 as well, for what it's worth

@chrismartin @Skirmisher Ah, that's discouraging. Could I ask you to try fully reinstalling it?

@Skirmisher @Vavassor
This is also happening for me.

Some additional info: I'm can confirm I am on 1.1.4-beta.6 and I've tried fulling reinstalling already.

@ghost @Skirmisher yeah, it sounds like it's still trouble for everyone. I was just trying to discount if it was a fluke by asking to reinstall, but it's definitely not.

I'm digging into some emulator setups to see what I'm still missing.

@Tusky @Vavassor This explains so much -- thought I was going nuts. :p

@amphetamine @Tusky I still haven't taken the time to set up the beta with F-Droid, but it'll get the next full release in a week-ish.

@Tusky @Vavassor Still not working for me as of todays update.

@Tusky @Vavassor Enfin les notifications push fonctionnent à merveille avec la dernière beta.


Merci pour le travail. 😍