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Tusky @Tusky@mastodon.social

Tusky 1.1.4 is currently rolling out and should be available today!

It has saved drafts, tag searching, mention autocomplete, an about page, and lots of interface improvements.

Also, the notification prototype present in some of the beta releases was held off for the moment. So, this release has older-style notifications, where the app checks for them every so often.

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Sorry it's taken so long for this release, by the way!

I let development get caught up in a few experiments and didn't make as much progress on the push notifications as I was hoping for, which led me to delay things.


@Tusky updated just then. Some very good improvements.

Tag searching is my favourite update.

@Tusky still waiting for Fdroid to bring the update.... 🤔

@Tusky hello, the new version is not in F-Droid, is it normal? :/