Tusky 1.1.2 is now out on google play!
It primarily addresses crashes and login errors, but there's a few small additions. Also a french translation was added and updated german translation.

@Alastair @Tusky Hi fellow kindle fire user. Have you tried installing it via apk?

@Tusky any plans to make it usable without relying upon proprietary components? F-Droid users such as myself cannot install it currently and that is a bummer.

@Tusky fixed worked for me! Can finally use this app on the lgv20

@Tusky Hello, I'm running 1.1.2 on #BlackBerry now and would love to see the images (none displayed) can I help you somehow? Would you be so kind and have a look what's wrong with it?

@Tusky Loggin in is having trouble -- "The redirect uri included is not valid." It does this on more than once instance.

@mjd Sorry, you might have to reinstall or clear the app data. I ran into the same issue testing a change I made. There was a piece of code that was supposed to reset a bit of background data the first time this update runs, but it sounds like it didn't. And now it's trying to pass a new redirect URI with an old key it had saved, and they conflict.

So clearing it out should fix it.

@Tusky Woot! That totally fixed it! Now to get it working on authentication...

@Tusky Looking forward to have notifications, keep the great work.

@Tusky I still can't login to the instance on Android 7.0 on the Nextbit Robin.

@Tusky saw that the follow/unfollow icons were getting implemented. Any idea when that will land?

@Tusky this fixed my auth problem with Thanks!

@Tusky Can we get an F-Droid version? Or at least an apk download that doesn't depend on google services framework?

@Tusky You forgot to mention the "Share with Tusky" feature ♥

@Tusky Awesome, it works on my Android 4.4.4 machine, finally! ❤

@Tusky The "Visit website" link in #Tusky's Google Play page redirects to HTTP instance of your website, although you have HTTPS. Given you serve direct APK downloads, it's critical that you advertise it as HTTPS for as many people as possible. You could as well kill HTTP version altogether from Let's Encrypt certbot.

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