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What's the f-droid status of Tusky? It's in the Wiki at f-droid.org/wiki/page/com.keyl and shows up in my F-Droid app, but can't be installed from there. The Store page at f-droid.org/repository/browse/ says "Application not found". 😕

@silwol Tusky on F-Droid is out of date. I've poked @Tusky about it but have heard nothing back so far. Perhaps poke the F-Droid repo team about it as well?

Tusky @Tusky

@not_on_pizza @silwol It's not supposed to be on F-Droid right now. I requested they take it down because we started using Firebase, which is proprietary and not compatible with their build system. But I think it still shows up in searches because it didn't get removed entirely or something?

At any rate, there's been *lots* of inquiries about F-Droid so I'm planning on offering a version there again in the near future.

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@Tusky Thank you for the clarification. There are still the direct APK files on your website that can be used, at least, but sometimes package management is nice.