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@Tusky "This app could not obtain authentification from that server instance" - How can we interpret this message? Maybe because of an older Android version? thanks

Tusky @Tusky

@mikelupe That's usually the message people have been getting due to this issue: mastodon.social/@Tusky/2568936

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@Tusky Thanks, a new version from F-Droid launched well, but shows now "This app could not obtain authentication from that server instance". May be the same?

@Tusky Sorry, my post is really stupid. It's still the same message...epic me

@Tusky @mikelupe Perhaps you could gain some insight from TootyFruity? That app worked for me on the same instance and device but I would prefer to use Tusky.

@drkmttr @Tusky I didn't find TootyFruity on F-Droid, and I as to lazy to compile it I guess.

@drkmttr @Tusky Ffirewall on my CustomRom shows all the time requests from PlayService, in strangests situations - it's a real plague.

@drkmttr Not exactly, again a high amount of lazyness. But I diversified quite a bit (firewall etc.)

@drkmttr I'm not really up-to-date about all the roms anymore. And I won't name the one I use, sorry :)

@mikelupe @Tusky Seems like it's a bit of a hassle to compile anyway. Has a lot of dependencies. github.com/eggplantPrince/toot