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Tusky 1.1.3 is currently rolling out on Google Play and will be available on the Amazon app store tomorrow! It includes direct messages, profile editing, and viewing your mute list and follow requests.

Also, *many* new translations contributed by generous people: Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, and Arabic.

Tusky @Tusky

Currently (at the very present) I'm adding the build data for Tusky to F-Droid and submitting that as soon as I can. I've received a lot of requests to resubmit the app to their store and inquiries about it.

It could take a while to be approved and hit their next build & release cycle. So it will likely be a couple of days before it can appear on F-Droid.

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@Tusky Super happy to hear this!

In the meantime will the new apk on the website work without google services? Or do I just need to wait for the fdroid release?

@kelbot I can put the fdroid apk on the website if you want. I mostly just didn't because fdroid builds theirs separately so I don't touch it. And it was easier to just copy the google one I already had on hand.

But it wouldn't be hard to do a quick build and put that version up there, too.

@Tusky Now that it's back up on FDroid that is good enough for me. Thanks!