@Tusky I kike how fast and resoonsive Tusky is. Only oroblem ipI'm having is it doean't dispkay any images on mytablett unixcorn.xyz/media/4YYzY16_RHT


@vruz Ah someone had just submitted code to fix this issue, I suppose it's not yet fixed for everyone. Did this just start happening or does it always fail to load images for you?

(The bug page for this is here, by the way: github.com/Vavassor/Tusky/issu )

@Tusky First tine ever I use it, clean install, not upgrade (tested it once before, in March but that doesn't count)

@wxl @Tusky It seems this is 1.1 3 too, latest version installed. It's not really urgent for me to fix it as it works very well, only the lack of images and avatars makes the use less intuitive unixcorn.xyz/media/pexOZyr_eT2

@Tusky @vruz what version of Android are you on? Phone model? Carrier?

@wxl @Tusky Android 4.4.2, tablet Lenovo Tab 2 A7. I don't want to upgrade to the next available version which is Android 5.0, not a good upgrade by Lenovo, and it's the only "choice" available.

@vruz I'm thinking it's still broken on some devices, then. What's the brand and model of your tablet?

@Tusky Lenovo Tab 2 A7, 7 inch model, Android 4.4.2 which I reckon is sub-optimal, but the only upgrade path for this model is an official Android 5.0 by Lenovo that is worse than this. And I really like the hardware, no reason to change other than these occadional bugs.

@Tusky It's working just fine on a Samsung phone,but I guess that's not too useful.

@Tusky 😂 😂 Did I just fixed an issue on my device and broke it on some other devices? 😂 😂 😂 It works perfectly for me now....

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