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Tusky is finally back in the main F-Droid repository! f-droid.org/repository/browse/

You can just as well search for "Tusky" in the F-Droid app to find it.

Tusky @Tusky@mastodon.social

Note: this version uses a separate notification system from the version on google play and amazon. It checks for notifications on a set interval, which unfortunately is not so immediate and can diminish battery life.

The reason it was taken off F-Droid in the first place was because of the closed-source tech that was used for push notifications. So this is also why there's this difference in the replacement system.

Other than that, the versions are identical.

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@Tusky small question: do you plan to add proxy support for the app? I'd like to pass the connection through Orbot, which exposes an http proxy on localhost.

Would be great to add that feature :)

Thank you !

And a big thumb up for your app, it's really usable on my smartphone, fast and clean :))

@Tusky Thank you!

By the way, this system works better on my phone (One plus 3T w/ official ROM) than the notification system on the Gplay version :)

@Tusky can we at least set the interval for when it checks? 🙂

@Tusky Can we set (as user) the notification interval in the app ?