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Tusky @Tusky

That notifications in general are not working well is the next major thing I'm (@Vavassor) focusing on, by the way.

I'd like to find a system that's consistent and also FOSS, so F-Droid can use the same notification system. I have some promising leads, but things are a bit up in the air still.

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@Tusky Maybe link to the notification server GitHub repo, so people know where to air their grievances and/or help out? ;) (Or is that being ditched entirely, should one of your leads turn out well?)

@Tusky @Skirmisher might take a look at ownpush. Supposed to be an open source push notification system that's as light as gcm

@Tusky @Vavassor Do you know why I don't see images in my feed (Google Play version)? Just blank spaces... :/

@Tusky We've actually started discussing the same thing (open source and free push notification transport for apps) in the #push:matrix.org room at Matrix. No concrete results yet, but because this is a thing that lots of apps could use, it would be better to work together, right?