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Tusky @Tusky@mastodon.social

Starting an open beta on Google Play beginning now with version 1.1.4-beta.1.

Beta versions will also be available in .apk form at tusky.keylesspalace.com

Testing a new possible push notifications system is the particular goal at the moment. But I'll be keeping the beta program open from now on. So feel free to join/leave if ever you want to check out in-progress versions.

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@maloki There should be a "Become a beta tester" section on the store page now near the bottom with an "I'm in" button.

If there isn't, I think you can also join on this page play.google.com/apps/testing/c although the wording there makes it sound like a closed beta.

@Tusky is there a way to donate to help fund development?

@lattera I'm (@Vavassor) accepting donations sort of recently through patreon.com/Vavassor or paypal.me/Vavassor.

I've been avoiding advertising here just because I don't want any confusion that those funds aren't compensating any other contributors.

How can I join the beta on GooglePlay?

@silbaer If you go to the google play store page for tusky it should show a "Become a beta tester" section that has an "I'm in" button. If it doesn't show up, this link should also let you join: play.google.com/apps/testing/c