@Tusky awesome work though I'd really like Autocorrect and word suggestion bar back can't find any option for them

@Tusky awesome work!
I've noticed some nice design updates and at least one big I regularly work around is fixed!

@Tusky Muy grata noticia saber, que este buen cliente de , continúa con su desarrollo.

Gracias por vuestro tiempo y trabajo para mantenerlo y tener una opción más, para navegar por esta red social desde nuestros dispositivos móviles. 👍👍


So nice to see the few non-free dependencies removed. Good job and keep up the good work!

. @Tusky sorry everyone for oversized custom emoji, I thought they have_ to be properly sized. I will try to fix it soon.

@pinkprius Yes of course! F-Droid isnt as fast as the Play Store, but it will be available eventually!

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