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Tusky @Tusky

Another Tusky question!
Should we use Twemoji in Tusky? So emojis would look exactly the same as on the webversion and on all Android versions, with the drawback that it would increase the apk size significally.

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@Tusky Do you have some idea of how many extra Mb it would take?

@Tusky 3 Mb and 7-8 Mb are still "between 10^0 and 10^1 Mb", ie the same order of magnitude.

Go for it.

I think the app size is important and shouldn't be increased unless really necessary. Also enough with the emoji craze! Feels like the Mastodon and Mastodon app developers spend most of their time developing around emoji!

Yeah, but emojis are an important part of user experience.

@Tusky my phone still has blobs (at least for the time being), and I'd like it to stay that way 🙂

@Tusky I see benefit in adding it, but I'm sure folks would appreciate it being optional if it were there ^^;

We estimate the app would grow 4-5 mbs in size. Users on older Android versions would be able to see newer emojis that now display as �. We probably could make the emojis optional but not the additional apk size.

@Tusky Maybe it's possible to download the emoji afterwards instead of bundling them in the APK.

@Tusky I'd vote for consistency with the web interface. It's weird that custom emoji will render as the instance owner defined them, but not the regular emoji.

Could you progressively backfill emoji in cache (from the instance itself? similar process as custom emoji?) over time if the user chooses instance emoji instead of system emoji?

Or a single bulk download post-install of twemoji, that warns the user first when the toggle the option?

@Tusky and I'm totally not biased because of how much I hate the Android Oreo emojis.

@Tusky what about being able to download custom emoji sets later or automatically from your instance?