Another question: Do you prefer the custom tabs or your browser to open links from Tusky?

@Guyjin @wxl well Tusky is giving you the choice and it will stay that way. Just curios what people prefer :)

@Tusky i like custom tabs. Would not mind a switch in settings to toggle between browser and custom tabs

@Tusky thanks 😶. I'm a numbskull... I've already went through preferences when i logged in. Don't know why I forgot about the switch...

@Tusky what I want to do with a link depends on the context.

@Tusky for safety reason it would be wise to use what people update more often

My browser of course. With my usual addons.

@Tusky I'm really happy that the setting to use the external browser works now. 😁

@Tusky Browser. I use Firefox Klar (Focus) because most links I click on social media are ephemeral one-off clicks that I never want state saved for. Storage controls for custom tabs have typically seemed per-app, ad-hoc.

@Tusky Browser. I have my browser carefully configured to experience web pages exactly the way I want to. I never want to open a page in any other app.

@Tusky browser for installed add-ons
Android in-app browser makes me nervous
But the param switch is a good approach thx.

@Tusky custom tabs but... I did write it 😜

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