So please help our developer @charlag out:

We want to show the upload progress of media files - should it be a percent value or a progress bar? Or both?

And if we implement a tab to view a users media, would you prefer a fourth tab in profiles or should we hide it in the menu like the web version does?

@Tusky @charlag I didn't even know the web version has that, so I guess a fourth tab might be more user-friendly?

@Tusky @charlag isn't it possible to display progress in actual kB/MB size of the file?

@Tusky @charlag
I prefer progress bar. If there are value, I prefer file size rather than percentage(prog bar already shows percentage)
And fourth tab seems more reasonable

@Tusky @charlag Progress bar would be more visually appealing and percent value can be nice too. So both.

@Tusky @charlag how about a progress bar that /contains/ the actual percentage? best of both worlds that way

as for the users' media, probably mimic the web version and hide it in the menu. reduces friction between web and app

@00dani @Tusky it could work with both percent and bar but it may look cluttered. I liked the argument that exact values don't matter much.
About tab: yes I thought about web version but I think they did so because they had no choice, we could do better.

Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated!

@Tusky to be user access friendly, plain text with % value. The progress bar is not hindering that usability ;-)

@Tusky @charlag And fourth tab in profile view for media, it's more readable.

@charlag @Tusky Yeah, it might actually be too much. So I see 2 ways to do it - either put it in the menu, which is absolutely okay, or make the bar with tabs scrollable (in x axis) so you can slide trough tabs. This way you could put even more tabs there in future.

@mkern @Tusky I'm thinking the same but trying to see what will be more familiar to folks

@Tusky @charlag I vote progress bar. I think it would feel nicer in context.

And I'd also prefer media as a tab on profiles. It's showing content, and none of the other options in the menu give content directly, so it would fit in poorly, IMO :)

And thanks for the great work!

@Tusky @charlag 4th tab for media IMHO. I'd also just put a bar with no percentage. People can work out a rough percentage from the bar itself. Plus, it's only gonna be there a few seconds.

@Tusky @charlag Progress bar is easier to interpret instantly rather than a number in my opinion. Showing uploaded size in kB/MB seems interresting. I am not sure for the fourth tab since there is not much space left when using French translations for a new tab

@MicroJoe @Tusky thanks! we can make tabs scrollable (like in the play store)

@Tusky @charlag progress bar is better than a percentage; it expresses the same information, but in a visual way 😉

@nick @Tusky thanks, done with the first, working on the second!

@Tusky @charlag

Of the two, progress bar. I agree with @pony for actual transfer size as my top choice.

ATM slight pref to 4th tab, but other features later might be more important to be readily visible.

@Tusky @charlag you should also provide an auto resize tool. When we are on bad network we can't upload a regular photo :1mB is often too heavy.

@ebrulato @Tusky it does some resizing of the picture is too big but user has no control of it, indeed

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