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Tusky @Tusky

Tusky 1.3.0 is out! πŸŽ‰
We put many new features and even more bugfixes in it. ☺
Unfortunately we also had to reduce notification polling to 15 minutes because Android 8 does not support a shorter interval. But notifications are now more reliable on Android 8.

Check out the release notes:

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@Tusky are new versions going to be distributed also through f-droid?

@luka Of course! F-Droid just takes some time to pick up a new release. I guess it will be available in 24h-48h from now.

@Tusky awesome! BTW, thanks for pushing tusky forward! It's a beautiful client!

@eo F-Droid always takes some time, i guess it will be 24-48h as usual

@Tusky also, is there anywhere i can submit translations? i want to translate tusky in my home language

@eo the easiest way is by just sending us a pull request on github github.com/Vavassor/Tusky
if you are not familiar with git we are glad to help!

@Tusky Thanks for your work! Will check F-Droid on Sunday for the update.
Keep it upπŸ‘

"ability to load more statuses in the middle of a timeline"


@Tusky Thank you for releasing the APK out-of-band! That helps with users who don't want to be tied to an appstore.

I installed 1.3.1 and I can't figure out how to load toots without it jumping to the top of the timeline. Am I missing something?

@kelbot no you are not! Thats currently the only way but we know its annoying and are working on improving the handling there.