We are getting many reports that the default toot privacy is not what users expect.
The algorithm to determine what is set when starting to compose a toot works as follows: When the users account is locked, always default to "private". When not replying, default to the last used setting. When replying, use the same setting as the replied-to-toot, or the last used setting, whichever is stricter.
So our question is: Is this behavior buggy or do you not like the behavior?

@Tusky Now that I know what it is, I think it works fine. But I'd prefer if it worked like it does in the web thingie.

Especially for replies: always use the setting of the replied-to toot, don't make it stricter. I keep accidentally replying privately, that's annoying.

@Tusky And if I forget to check the privacy of the replied-to toot before starting my answer, I have no fast way to know why my reply is private (it would be rude to change to public if the replied-to toot is actually private, and private is not always useful).

But also for other stuff: I'd love to be able to set a default and always use that for non-replies. It makes more sense for me to ask myself if my default is fine for a specific toot than to check each time if what Tusky sets is what I want.

@Tusky "When not replying, default to last used" feels unintuitive for me. I expected it to default to the same setting as my last non-reply toot.
Hope this helps :)
Also, would it be possible to add a way to configure the defaults in a menu? Maybe that would help too.

@Tusky using the last used setting for new posts is fine.
Using it for replies is a bit annoying when I just want to have a conversation, especially because it doesn't remember it when I change the setting in a reply.

@Tusky this sounds reasonable, perhaps during setup Tusky could prompt for the preferred default also? (Option: popping back to this when not replying or manually selected?)

@Tusky I would very much prefer that the privacy on replies default to whatever the post you're replying to has.

@Tusky It makes sense, but maybe explain it in a first-run tutorial

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