@Tusky is it me or does it not look any different than 1.2.1?

@wxl yes or because the timestamp is more detailed or because links are not underlined, or the star looks different, or, or...

@Tusky ok i see all that and all that is good. i was expecting something more dramatic tho ;)

@wxl just improving the details, it should always stay the tusky users like!

@Tusky I could barely tell there was a separator between each post. Had to zoom in to actually see it. I'm assuming it's a style bug though

@Tusky I'm liking it. That image-preview looks like it would display better on tablets! currently you get a thin slice of the image around the center, small enough you can't really make it out.

Also notice you're surfacing the posting client! Loved that feature in some twitter clients.

@Tusky Will it be on F-Droid? For me, the current one there is v1.2.1, but on the other hand there haven't been any repo updates for a couple of days now...

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