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Tusky @Tusky@mastodon.social

There are 4 ways to get Tusky: On F-Droid, on Google Playstore, on Amazon Appstore or download the apk directly from the Github release page. All have exactly the same code and differ only in the signing key, which is specific to the store.

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@Tusky Only F-Droid should have a different key, right ?

@tcit @Tusky oooh, but as far I know Google play also do little things to your apk :blobpout:

@Technowix @Tusky Yeah, but signature is the same (you can update a apk installed through GPlay with a Github release APK for instance).

@tcit amazon also changes the signature, but github+play should have the same, yes

@Tusky Oh, I didn't know that. Don't think anyone actually used the apps I published on the Amazon store.