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Tusky @Tusky

So the next Tusky release will finally allow users to set descriptions on images.
Do you prefer:
- a popup to chose between caption/delete when clicking image preview
- click the preview for caption, long press for delete
- a dialog where you can both enter the description and delete the picture

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@Tusky #1 please! or #3

#2 is hard to discover and potentially frustrating

@Tusky I like the first option. and it'd be cool if something indicates that tapping the picture will let you do things :)

@Tusky Option 1 and maybe a workflow option to go straight from image attach to caption edit every time I make an image post.

@Tusky Third one. The second is hard to discover. Or click the preview for caption (with some « add caption  invite?), and click a cross in a corner to delete, so it's discoverable, maybe.

@Tusky the popup that lets yoou choose between caption/delete tbh

@Tusky number 2: click the preview for caption, long press for delete

@Tusky I'd prefer option #2, too, but there should be some toast or hint teaching the user about this behavior.
Not necessarily when he composes his first toot, but just after he added his first ever image to a toot.

@Tusky #3 is best, #1 is fine too imho. I am really used to the telegram/whatsapp way to add captions.

@Tusky option 3 sounds more intuitive, 2 is faster to use ...

@Tusky option 3. Optimism says I will be captioning more pictures than I'm deleting, so I want as few touches to get there as possible. And long-press features are bad for discoverability.

@Tusky second one looks most user-safe. Could guide with illustrations for first time users. Delete should always need extra effort.

@Tusky I don't fully understand the process. I upload the picture, then I click on the picture and may appear a pop-up or a dialogue to input a description or remove the picture (since option 2 doesn't seem to become a reality)? If that, I think I really prefer #3. Saves time and it's very intuitive.

About using #2 being the saver, I think it would be easier fixed by including a "are you sure?" message + don't show this again check.