Tusky 1.5.0 has been released to the Google Play beta channel!
If all goes well, it will be released for everybody in a few days.

Opt in for the beta on Google Play:

Read the release notes:

@Tusky omgomgomg multiple accounts 😍 can't wait for it to arrive on f-droid!

@MicroJoe @Tusky actually about F-Droid... they have some issues so they cannot build apps from December still. I hope they will resolve them soon otherwise F-Droid will lag behind

@Tusky Just moved to the beta channel. Thanks !

@Tusky I don't see Tusky 1.5.0 beta on F-Droid though.

@codewiz F-Droid always takes a few days to pick new releases up!

@codewiz They have a bot that scans our repository for new versions and then builds Tusky from source to ensure the users get exactly the same code as in our repo. Unfortunately, that bot is quite slow.

@Tusky I'd be happy to make a small donation if #fdroid needs to buy more capacity. I'm sure many users would, it's critical infrastructure for Free Software distribution on mobile.

@codewiz @Tusky F-Droid had some build problems recently. First, they had LIFO queue for apps and second they couldn't catch up. See

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