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Tusky @Tusky

has a new website!
All feedback welcome :)

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@Tusky @ConnyDuck It's no big deal but you can scroll a little bit and I don't think you should be able to hehe

Otherwise it looks great!

@Tusky I like it. It's got all the important stuff right there on the front page.

@Tusky looks great! it would perhaps look even better if you make the screenshot bigger and split the text into short clear points (mockup attached)
I'm not 100% sure that'd be better, just throwing out an idea for you to consider 😀 mastodon.technology/media/fjXo

@Tusky Thanks for all the hard work. Massively appreciated!

@Tusky awesome! It's not yet in the Readme.md, is it?
Thanks a lot for the support! 🎉