1.6.0 has been released and is available to all beta testers on Google Play as of now!
Full rollout coming in the next days assuming beta testers do not find any major bugs.
Read the changelog:

@Tusky I have a message saying "beta signup in progress"

@Tusky it's been two hours. It still says it. 😂

@maloki @Tusky Mine took less than a minute, from sign up to download.

@annika well. I didn't press to sign up now, I must've done it ages ago. I can't see a direct way to cancel.

I'll check the link @Tusky sent me.

@Tusky Reading that release thing, means I have to buy a new phone, cause my old thing still runs on Android 4.3.

@Cedara Sorry, but Android 4 is becoming more and more difficult to support and hindering development for the other 99% of users :(

@Tusky Ah, no worries. I don't use the web when out of the house anyway. How I know what I can save up for this year. A new phone and an SSD for the PC.


Which old smartphone do you have?
Maybe there are custom roms to upgrade at least to Android 5 or 6.


I could not find any useful custom roms for your smartphone.. (There is one but it is discontinued and has to many bugs, like call, microphone and camera not working)..

@ralaud Like I said, seems about time to start buying a new phone. *shrugs*


If you buy a new phone. You can read here which smartphones get official custom rom support. there are some older smartphones with Android 7.1.2 too. (Lineageos 14.1 = Android 7.1.2, Lineageos 15.1 = Android 8.1)


And this website can be useful for Unofficial Custom roms (sometimes with bugs). Also XDA developers and community provide their work for getting Official LineageOS rom, so that the Official will work fine.

@Tusky the Emoji button doesn't seem to work. I just get a tiny grey box, bottom left of the composition area.

@cheesegrits the emojis need to be loaded from your instance, maybe there was a problem? After the initial download they should be cached and work everytime though

@Tusky first things first: thank you so much for your support and your hard work!! Tusky is awesome ❤️
Secondly, there's no changelog link on @fdroidorg

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