Hi there :)
I can't connect Tusky to mastodon.xyz anymore. It seems it predates this version.

I'm on Android 4.4.4

@FdC oh no, seems like mastodon.xyz upgraded their TLS config to only use TLS 1.2 and Tusky can't do that on Android 4 🙁

@Tusky Dropping it on Fdroid before the Play store? That is pretty serious.

@mjjzf yeah we did not expect @fdroidorg to be this fast. Full rollout on Google Play coming soon as well!

@Tusky @mjjzf But...but we even broke f-droid for half a day to give you some more time ;-)

@Tusky @fdroidorg Is it me or it is 10 times faster ? Scrolling feels amazing 😀

@pierrick @fdroidorg well we did ~some~ perf optimizations, but did not expect the results to be that drastic
May I ask what device you are on?

@Tusky @fdroidorg A Galaxy S6 running LOS. Well I used to wait for some buffering when scrolling down fast but now I almost don't feel it.
Also Tusky Force Closed right after my post and won't open again :/ wonder if this is because I use Pleroma, I've seen some Mastodon-related improvements in the changelog, that may be linked
@Tusky @fdroidorg Well I cleared data and it came back. reconnected accounts and sent tests messages, everything is alright. Idk what happened

@pierrick very strange, this should not happen. Will investigate.

@Tusky @fdroidorg and I'm twee... errr... Doing whatever one does here from it. Looks less ancient than AndStatus, is what I can say so far.

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