@Tecci @Chephe1 @meldrian Tusky verkleinert Bilder automatisch falls sie größer als das Limit von Mastodon (das aber ziemlich hoch ist) sind bevor es sie hochlädt. Ja das sollte man vielleicht transparenter gestalten.

@jawsh try copying the link, and searching for it in the app. This is standard Mastodon feature that also works in Tusky.

This allows your server to load accounts or hasn't seen yet.

@n0btc no (the effort for this is really high and currently none of our voluntary devs has time for this)

@gudenau We use the categories provided by Mastodon. Sure we could add more with some effort, but I think a better solution would be if they are added on Mastodons side

I just checked in the source code, the error message basically means Tusky is failing to POST kolektiva.social/api/v1/apps
It works on my device, so its not a problem with the instance, it really looks like it is something with your connectivity.

@HidingInTheMountains what did you enter in the "which instance?" field? Are you connected to the internet? Which Android are you using?

@andyjim@mastodon.online Why can't you switch accounts? The drawer opens with longclick on the side of the screen.

@emma custom mastodon emojis or the standard ones?

@Thib yes we know about such behavior. The catch is with the "occasionally" - we were never able to reproduce it :(
The thing with the launcher shortcuts is new information though, will have a look, thx

@leah @selva anderen Browser versuchen. Firefox & Chrome sollten funktionieren. Nach dem Login kann der Browser wieder deinstalliert werden.

@Neopatriarch log them out (= select them and then the last option in the app menu)

@hahanotme@mastodon.online It has nothing to do with the client. The mastodon instance only fully knows its own profiles. Remote profiles (those on other instances) may always be incomplete. I don't know the technical details on the server side but remote profiles are only fetched on some condition, otherwise each instance would need to host a complete copy of the fediverse.

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