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Tusky @Tusky@mastodon.social

@nobru the home timelone shows toots from people you follow, the local timeline toots from your instance.

@Maltimore @gdorn No it does not. But we know its annoying, so we will fix it eventually!

@joop It is linked on the fdroid page, but you only see it in the newest version of their client app or their website

@luka @noiob yeah it could, but you only get the response after you uploaded some MBs and I don't think thats the best thing to do on a mobile device with possible slow or metered network

@puppy uhh thx for the report, will see what we can do about that

@kkinder That shouldn't happen 😰
Can you link me the toot in question please?

@Basix they are already rendered in timelines, and a keyboard is planned for the next version. Animated emojis will be supported eventually, but they are quite tricky to implement.

@SuTolias you can already do that by tapping the "Replying to @..." text. But yes, we should make this more obvious to find.

@noiob that will be fixed in the next release!

@asaka you can use Tusky with Orbot, Tor hidden instances are not yet supported though

has a new website!
All feedback welcome :)

@Zoidtes are you on the newest Tusky version? What Android are you running?
There is a webapp for that: crossposter.masto.donte.com.br

@Technowix Once we submit for google play we are also ready for f-droid. No idea why it took f-droid so long this time.

Tusky 1.5.1 is now available on F-Droid! :toot:

@maloki it is a dot that appears on the app icon when the app has unread notifications. But not all launchers actually show it.

@maloki yes it sounds like something that got fixed in 1.5.1. Please report if thats not the case!