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#Tusky 15.1 is out! It is the same as Tusky 15.0, except it doesn't crash when captioning images.

@exnh you can turn off downloading of media previews in your account preferences in the app.

No image caption because we're Too Tired for this 

@Rusanya_Collective what's the issue? I can't identify it from inte picture.

@FoilCandy oh sorry. I didn't read that right. It's not something we're prioritizing right now.

@HarneyB no, unfortunately not. The draft feature isn't for keeping notes but to publish posts.

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@Tusky sure, thank you, very appreciated!

For the record I've played with scheduler.mastodon.tools but I didn't get good results, at least with my instance.
I'd be glad to try alternatives and FWIW I can offer some testing time.

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Hey @Tusky, I want to thank you for your work as I'm an happy Tusky user.

I love that Tusky has a Scheduled Toots feature! But I mostly use Tusky to read (rather than writing) and I'd need a web-based toot scheduling tool. Do you by any chance know of such a tool?

@pixelflowers alright if I just boost this and maybe someone else can help?

@niggo the emoji picker is for custom emojis that your instance can add. Like :mastodon: :yell:

If you want to use the normal ones, access them via your keyboard, 🙏😊

If your instance does have custom emojis and they aren't show let me know what software it runs, and let's figure it out from there.

@kuba if there isn't a envelope icon at the top, you need to go into your account settings and enable it in the tabs section.

@stefofficiel have you checked if your phone puts the app in sleep mode? That's a common thing that suppresses notifications

support response 

@lucifargundam @deesapoetra Hey, so we did some research and basically it's an incompatible api extension.

You need to poke your admin about it.

Specifically the 'subscribing' attribute of the relationship response on qoto.org is an object, but has to be a boolean as per Mastodon api specification

We raised an issue here git.qoto.org/qoto/qoto/-/issue

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@ariadova thank you for these kind words.

@ChiaChatter @ragamuffinjim Tusky can handle custom character limits, but your instance needs to make this information public via the max_toot_chars property of the /api/v1/instance endpoint.

Recent developments, everywhere is dealt with and okay 👍 

As you may or may not know, Tusky was temporarily removed from the Google Play store, and it has since been reinstated.

We will always appeal against any removals that we see as incorrect, or fix something that we view as fixable. If for some reason the app can't stay on the Play Store we won't stop the development just because of it, we'll find other ways to reach you.

Thank you for reaching out while that whole mess was going on. 🙏

@FemboHooters@deadinsi.de yeah I responded to the original post with what's up.

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