@AdamAntium Interessant o_0
Das kann aber eigentlich nur ein Mastodon Bug sein, wir rechnen gar nichts sondern zeigen nur an was uns der Server gibt

@salixlucida oh no (do you have an idea how to reproduce this?)

@tuttifruttihat that sounds strange indeed. Can you be more detailed on the step you are taking please? What's your default privacy? Is it wrong before or after you send the toot? Only when sharing from another app to Tusky?

@melentye @matt you need to ask Fdroid, no idea why it takes so long :(

@richardotomislav Hello, the best place for feature suggestions is our GitHub. There already is an issue for animated emojis here: github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/issu

@trisschen Yes seems so. We can fix that, but its actually a bug in the server, it should not break its own api contract. Thx for reporting!

@Octoshrimpy Sounds like the swipe navigation that is available on Android 10

@codewiz Sorry 🙁
We already fixed that for the next release

11 is out since a few days. This time we did not make big changes, but quite a lot of polishing and some small new features, most of which can be toggled with a setting:
- Notifications about new follow requests when your account is locked
- disable swiping between tabs
- show a confirmation dialog before boosting a toot
- show link previews in timelines

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