@codewiz @Gargron there is a timeout in Tusky and it is 30 seconds

@skalman can reproduce, will fix as soon as possible, thx for telling us! Thats exactly why we do nightly builds.

@Deuchnord yes, the edit field can display markup but it won't post like that. We should probably fix this.

@starkatt that sounds super strange. On vulpine.club?

@memnus yes we got it reported multiple times, we are still investigating

@jules the switching bug has been fixed in 3.1

@c0debabe yes indeed 🤔
Thx for reporting, thats exactly what nightly is for, catching bugs early!

@dirkolmes ok we will investigate. Thx for reporting!

@GwenfarsGarden its in preferences -> tabs -> filter out by regular expression

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@cobra2 yes, we will add the possibility to customize tabs eventually, but right now we have other priorities.

@dirkolmes Tusky should not reload the timeline when changing orientation, sounds like you found a bug. Can you please give us the exact Tusky version you are using? On what Android?

@Violet We already have the option to disable images in timelines, does that not work for you? Or do you mean other additional options?

@semente yes, this will come with one of the next Tusky releases

@mdszy yes this is a known bug, we hope to have it fixed in the next release! Thanks for the report!

you can use the regex filter, put in the words you don't want to see separated by |

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@schm We're looking at both relative and fixed time atm.

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