@rusmov@mastodon.technology @tom79 thank you. 💙

@phoe @dirtycommo Yes! View the video, and you get a little DL button at the top right corner of the interface!

@adz Not at the moment, but you can always open the toot in browser to get that information (from the app).

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Hey @Tusky the new feature to put extra long posts below an additional fold is pretty great!

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Is there a really Mastodon client for iOS? I'm missing @Tusky here! Preferably something that also works on tablets.

@erikstl This sounds really strange, how did you install it?

@koyu At the moment we're mimicking the web ui for Mastodon, to be easy to recognize for users of the software.

@noiob @ctrlaltdog Hey, mal here, delete and redraft is something we want to implement as well.
The other things I am not so sure about. I do understand and appreciate the requests though, I'll run it by the team.

@alexcleac no thats not ok. This bug has already been fixed and will no longer be in the next release.

@zac we will probably make the tabs fully customizable and you can chose "direct messages" as a tab type.

@FimbulFlower this is the current behavior on Android Nougat+?

@bb010g can you open an issue on our Github with detailed steps to reproduce (link to status, comparison with mastodon web) so we can fix this please?

@_do_mi_ni_que my first guess would be mastodon.clouds image proxy blocks Tor. Does it work in the Tor browser?

@craigmaloney ok yes there is a known off-by-one error in Tusky 3.1 that keeps retrying indefinitely when there is exactly one notification. Will be fixed in the next release github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/comm

@craigmaloney on Tusky 3.1? How many notifications do you have?

@angristan @codewiz no there is not! But the next version will support the 40mb limit.

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