@wolfie ah, we improved the contrast for accessibility reasons. 😅

@wolfie yeah, so that's normal. Looks less awkward when you have that bottom bar at the top though. 🤔

It's supposed to go away when you scroll down so you get some more space.

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Having just been talking about poorly-designed light themes this morning, I'm delighted to see that @Tusky updated for me this evening and its (already perfectly good, I hasten to add that this isn't one of the grudging, bad ones I was talking about!) light theme looks even better now! Better contrast. :) Hurrah.

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@matthew_fells we were having some issues with uploading the beta of this release, I'll let you know if this one is able to be uploaded.

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@Tusky 14's wellbeing mode is fucking excellent. For all Android mastodon users: if you're not using Tusky yet for mastodon I highly recommend it!

Tusky 14 is out now! 

- Redesigned the drafts function, so they are faster, more user friendly and hopefully more reliable.
- Wellbeing mode, allows you to limit certain features in Tusky. You can enable it in Preferences!
- Animated emoji support, need we say more?
- Timed mutes (for supported servers).
- Notification 🔔 for specific users posting, ring the bell icon on their profile (Mastodon 3.3.0 feature).

You can support our development via opencollective.com/Tusky

URI schemes 

@fatboy okay, it turns out that the app picks up what's available server side. And you need correlating support on your phone.

I hope this helps.

URI schemes 

@fatboy I'll check with the team what kind of URI schemes we could add, and want to add.

Also is a Mastodon feature that you need to add the URI scheme at the beginning for clickable. So I don't know if you wanted to share a gemini link or https there?

@wolfie It will work with Tusky 14! The beta version is already available

@Sissas wandering.shop is still on Mastodon 3.0.1 and bookmarks require at least 3.1 to work (current is 3.3). I'd suggest you ask your admin to upgrade.

@Sissas No that is not a common problem and yes it can very well be instance related

@bugaevc nah it is fixed in the beta we released yesterday 😊

@Jo Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix it asap

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A few months ago I got to know that there is a way to help #translate @Tusky in different languages. I sat for a few nights and contributed in Hindi with the best of my knowledge. And then I completely forgot about it. I just tested it out! I changed my language to Hindi and there it was. I remember some words were left out, but I am going to try to do that over this weekend.

@feyn How is Tusky not compatible with your instance?

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