@schrottie ok es ist ziemlich sicher ein Bug der in Tusky 19 gefixt ist. Kannst du bitte die Beta oder Nightly installieren und dort testen?

@djm the blurry thing is just the placeholder, looks like there is some problem delivering the images, probably between servers. Try the webapp, if it works there it could be a problem with Tusky as well.

@schrottie ok sehr seltsam weil gerade in 18 haben wir einige Upload Bugs beseitigt, aber anscheinend gibts noch mehr. Magst du uns helfen das Problem zu fixen? Was sehr interessant wäre: Welche Dateien das genau sind die fehlschlagen (oder ob es ein generelles Problem ist?), welche Android Version, welcher Server, an welcher Stelle des uploads die Fehlermeldung kommt.

@gustavom you can long-press the side of the screen to open the sidebar

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@Tusky 19 Beta 1 landed in @fdroidorg today and I totally love it! @unifiedpush support is awesome and works very well! Thanks for that awesome feature! 🤩

@mase anderen Distributor, das hängt mit den pushes die Mastodon verschickt zusammen da können wir nix machen

@2016 ok it is a known issue that was fixed in Tusky 16 - either you are on a lower version or it reappeared?

@2016 🤔 what..? Are you on the most recent version? Can I get a screenshot of the problem please?

@HKausKH on your Mastodon instance, Tusky does not provide that feature. Afterwards, click logout in Tusky to remove the account data.

@shortwavesurfer2009 No. But thanks for the reminder, we should change that.

@martyn Gotify is missing a feature we need, and it looks like it won't be updated, we recommend switching to another provider. Here is a bit more technical info: github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/issu

@shortwavesurfer2009 15 minutes is the minimum Android lets you do due to battery optimization and that is already pretty long for notifications.

@willie for now it is the official one, yes. We should put it under a tusky.app subdomain though I guess.

@djh There is no workaround so yes on some devices it does not work very reliable

@mcc As written above, it enables users to change their push providers. We think that this is way better for their privacy than forcing them all onto e.g. Google's system. They could still use Google as their provider if they wanted to, but they could also self host a server. The concept is kinda similar to Mastodon where everyone can choose their instance vs Twitter.

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