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Thank you for the stickers, and inviting me to join working with @Tusky à year ago, @ConnyDuck

I love working with you! 💞

Tusky stickers will show up at #ActivityPubConf!

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What server software do you use with?

@funnypanja Oh no. Does it crash? Show an error? Or just load forever? Have you tried restarting it?

@Aerdan the delete and redraft problem will be fixed in the next version

@freyja_wildes no need to be sorry, thx for reporting bugs and helping us to make Tusky better!

@freyja_wildes yes, we know & its already fixed, but not yet released

What server software do you use with?

@cyndn we found out how to reproduce it. Will be fixed in the next release.

@GwenfarsGarden we also have direct apk download on our homepage. You won't get automatic updates though.

@Skiant @pinafore Tusky just shows what the server returns. Things like that should be fixed serverside.

@root You mean the app name Tusky registers with the server? No there is not.

@julia yes, we will add the report option to the Account view as well to fix that, looks like we never considered that

@laufi ok thats very weird, maybe you found a bug. Can you open an issue on our GitHub with more details please?

@julia you can, in the three-dot-menu on every toot

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