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@aircooledcafe I'm planning on having a tablet layout, but it's not very soon in my priorities. If someone else wants to work on it and contribute the changes as pull requests to Tusky's github I would gladly accept, though!

Tusky's Amazon App Store page is now up! amazon.com/dp/B06ZYXT88G/ Although, it's not yet formatted for tablets, so be aware if you use a kindle fire.

Some Mastodon instances with higher security TLS configurations are not working in Tusky on Android 7.0. This is due to a regression in its system SSL library—fixed in Android 7.1—where the only supported elliptic curve is secp256r1.

As far as I know, there isn't anything that can be fixed on Tusky's part, aside from shipping its own SSL library, which is too big an undertaking.

Sorry to folks who can't use the app because of this.

@mjd Sorry, you might have to reinstall or clear the app data. I ran into the same issue testing a change I made. There was a piece of code that was supposed to reset a bit of background data the first time this update runs, but it sounds like it didn't. And now it's trying to pass a new redirect URI with an old key it had saved, and they conflict.

So clearing it out should fix it.

@ino @FerdiZ You should be able to mute/unmute a user on their profile page. But there's no muted users list, so finding their account to unmute them isn't easy.

A muted list is definitely needed, as is adding Mute as a choice on the "…" menu for posts.

Tusky 1.1.2 is now out on google play! play.google.com/store/apps/det
It primarily addresses crashes and login errors, but there's a few small additions. Also a french translation was added and updated german translation.