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So do you folks like the SparkButtons we currently use as fav and boost buttons? Show more

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There was a problem on f-droids side which prevented Tusky from building. It has been resolved and Tusky 1.3.1 sould be available on f-droid soon!

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A new Tusky built containing an important bugfix will be released shortly. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the bug and the frequent releases.

So there was an issue where autocomplete/autocorrection would not work on some devices when composing a toot. We think we fixed this in Tusky 1.3. Can anyone confirm this or do we have to investigate further?

Tusky 1.3.0 is out! 🎉
We put many new features and even more bugfixes in it. ☺
Unfortunately we also had to reduce notification polling to 15 minutes because Android 8 does not support a shorter interval. But notifications are now more reliable on Android 8.

Check out the release notes:

Good news everybody: Tusky 1.3 will be released in two days!
If any translators want to check if their language is up to date, now would be a good time:

Big thank you to all the awesome people who provide valueable feedback and help us to make Tusky even better! 💙

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Working on a feature which lets you see what you're replying to. You can show and hide it I want it really badly because my memory is very weak.

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Looks good, so we will have image keyboard support in the next Tusky release

So please help our developer @charlag out:

We want to show the upload progress of media files - should it be a percent value or a progress bar? Or both?

And if we implement a tab to view a users media, would you prefer a fourth tab in profiles or should we hide it in the menu like the web version does?

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I wish we could do UI/UX polls on what people would prefer for
1) Media upload progress - progress bar or percent as text?
2) Media tab in profile - forth tab (with scrolling tabs) or hidden in the menu?

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Had fun this evening fixing this in .
First, some fixes with media uploads.

Then, media upload progress! (I wanted it myself for a long time).

Another question: Do you prefer the custom tabs or your browser to open links from Tusky?

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We estimate the app would grow 4-5 mbs in size. Users on older Android versions would be able to see newer emojis that now display as �. We probably could make the emojis optional but not the additional apk size.

Another Tusky question!
Should we use Twemoji in Tusky? So emojis would look exactly the same as on the webversion and on all Android versions, with the drawback that it would increase the apk size significally.

s/o to our friends at who helped fixing the autocorrect issue 💙 @tom79

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