Woohoo, our completely rebuilt Android app is out! We couldn't be more excited to share this update with you as the app is much faster, looks nicer, comes with 2FA, a darktheme and many more features! 😁 Oh, and before you ask: Yes, as suggested by you folks it's also available as apk download. We won't force anyone to use Google. πŸ˜‰

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@Tutanota Great job! ❀️
The new push notifications are muuuch better. It was bad having to dig into the app to find out which of my adresses got new messages, this change makes stuff much easier :blobaww:

@Tutanota Huge improvement! Many thanks. I especially like that it will be Google-independent and made available on F-Droid (and I'm not at all a techi!! lol)
Question: how do I login to my 2nd account in the app? I have several accounts (free and own domains) and can't find how to log in to more than one from the app

@philippemargery Logout (top left) and choose different login with dropdown under password. If you save the credentials, clicking on a push notification will automatically open the correct mailbox.

@Tutanota Just tried the new app. Is the always present notification service notification a requirement for push notifications to properly work? It concerns me that I have to be at mercy of an application to decide when to wake my device rather than letting the application be at mercy of my OS.

Also, isn't this new app just another web wrapper, or am I wrong about that? :(

@Tutanota I of course was referring both to that and to the fact that I have to disable battery optimizations.

@arethsu Yes, the service notification must be there - that's to get rig of Google's GCm for push. Also disabling battery optimization is necessary as the OS would otherwise shut down the notification service... We'll see how we can improve this.

@Tutanota Awh. Let's hope you can improve upon this. While I fully support getting rid of Google, it sucks that you can't use Android's battery optimization feature anymore because of that.

@Tutanota just signed up. great app and easy to use! I have it on my android phone and my desktop.. Love it!

@d4klutz Thanks for your feedback, means a lot. πŸ˜€

@d4klutz @Tutanota Sorry, just to make sure I got this right: is there a tutanota app for desktop? I'm accessing my accounts via web browser

@Tutanota Love you guys!! 😍 Thank you so much for not shutting out people from the beta who don't use Google.

And the new app is awesome! Kudos!

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