Excellent. Pardon my ignorance, although I do already use f-droid, but how do I go from the Google version to the f-droid version? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall? In f-droid, the tutanota app says it is already installed.....

@philippemargery @fdroidorg Yes, if you're using the beta version from Google, you need to uninstall this first!

@Tutanota @fdroidorg I don't think walled garden services like this are good solution, they give false sense of security. Messages sent to and out of service to anything that is not using them aswell can be read by Tutanota or other email providers anyway, there is no encryption, nor Tutanota supports GPG or imap (you have to use their apps).

It might be a little more complex (as kids we had to learn how to lock doors too after all), but this is how you do secure email: emailselfdefense.fsf.org

@gutigen @fdroidorg We sure can't read any emails because everything is encrypted at rest as well. You can send end-to-end encrypted to other contacts as well by sharing a password - that's the beauty of it: The learning curve is pretty low so even people who do not want to generate & secure their own keys can send secure emails. Of course, if all your contacts are using PGP already, there's no need to switch.

@Tutanota @fdroidorg Technically You could still read messages in transit before they leave Your service or when they come in, those messages are not end to end encrypted. Maybe You are not doing it, we don't know.

Sharing password to Tutanota messages is yet another walled garden feature, it requires both sides to use Your services anyway.

Btw, email by design is federated and should stay that way, You guys are doing disservice to people without technical knowledge who want a bit of privacy.

The recipient of a tutanota e-mail can open the (encrypted) e-mail in a browser. So the recipient doesn't have to use the tutanota service.

@katalysator @Tutanota But it does, it has to literally open that email through piece of javascript loaded from Tutanota servers... how are You people missing that part? O_o

It's walled garden 101.

My bad, I thought by 'service' you meant logged in to tutanota.

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