Our new Android app liberates you from using Google services. ✊ Read here how we managed to replace Google's push notification service & to publish the app on @fdroidorg 👉

@Tutanota @fdroidorg Loved the article. Thank you so much, I appreciate all the effort.

@Tutanota @fdroidorg This is really cool. I would be interested in seeing how this solution could be made easy to integrate with android applications in order to increase the volume of apps independent of the FCM

@Tutanota @fdroidorg Great article and effort! Now someone please tell about this so they can get on too.

@Tutanota @fdroidorg It liberates nothing though, user just moves from data mining company, which at least had imap support so you could easily utilize GPG encryption in your local clients, to a walled garden that can't be used in any way without service specific software.

Encryption also is kinda useless unless person you talk to utilizes dynamically loaded javascript in the browser from the service (otherwise all email can still be read by Tutanota when it goes through their infra).


Love the Tutanota app. Wish a person could still be continuously notified of new emails. I have to manually launch the app each time I want to check my mail.

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