Fun fact: We took inspiration for Tutanota's new, Google-free push notification when @Gargron 's @Mastodon used SSE for push (they now use another push system). 👍 👏 It's exciting to build open source alternatives to liberate people from using data mining services. Head over to @fdroidorg to read details on our new push implementation 👉


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Possibly ill thought out idea, but what would stop us, as #opensource #developers, from doing this:

1. Pick and/or design a messaging #API (be it #SSE or whatever)
2. Develop a server part, which could be integrated/embedded in something else such as #Mastodon, #Pixelfed, #Nextcloud or whatever #federated service the user is likely to have an account with.

@Tutanota @Gargron @fdroidorg @nextcloud @pixelfed


3. Develop a client part, consisting of an #Android application that:
* gathers configuration details (which server to connect to, credentials) from the user;
* acts as a single point of service for push notifications (when a notification is received it notifies the relevant app via intents)

@Tutanota @Gargron @fdroidorg @nextcloud @pixelfed


4. Publish the local (to the device) API specification.
5. Bug opensource apps to implement the new open API instead of GCM / FCM.

@Tutanota @Gargron @fdroidorg @nextcloud @pixelfed



1. Only a single application has to deal with negotiating the hurdles thrown in by Google et al to protect their attempts at walled gardens (battery “optimisations”, killing TCP connections, etc.)
2. Ease of implementation for app developers, ideally no harder than supporting #FCM.

@Tutanota @Gargron @fdroidorg @nextcloud @pixelfed


3. Compatible with FCM, in that the local “hub” application could simply support FCM (in non #FDroid compatible builds), so app developers only need to implement support for the open API, bypassing FCM and possible future-proofing their app against capricious changes by Google.

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