The Linux Journal posted an interesting article about our recent @fdroidorg release and the challenges we had to overcome to make this happen. Read it here:

@Tutanota @fdroidorg

They mentioned a dark theme in the article, is that only for native apps? I don't see the option anywhere in the browser interface. I'm using Firefox under Linux if that matters.

Found the problem, I was using the old interface because that's what I bookmarked. Changed to beta client and I see the option now.

@Tutanota @fdroidorg Push Notifications were always a big headache when not using gapps. Thank you for accepting the challenge!

@Tutanota @fdroidorg I'd like to know if anyone tried submitting an "" APK to @fdroidorg and what are the steps involved as far as 'signing' the apps? I like that I can use my own text editor with Expo to code this newfangled "React Native" stuff, but only just reading about it now, haven't coded anything yet. I kinda like the idea of submitting to FDroid first, then make Google beg me to submit to Play :-D

@Tutanota I saw that bitwarden is having issues getting everything set to put their password manager mobile app on @fdroidorg too.

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