Right before the holidays, we have published the beta desktop clients for Tutanota. πŸ˜€πŸŽ… Let us know how you like them!

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@Tutanota aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd, that was the last good thing I needed! Moving all my emails over, even though the import feature comes later! I can always import them when it is released! Thanks for building an awesome email client! PS. I'm also quite excited about the offline support in the future!

Nice to hear! Do you plan to open your clients for other providers too? Downloaded the android app yesterday and recognized that it doesn't work with my E-Mail provider ( Are there specific reasons for that and is it the same for your desktop clients?

@jeybe @Tutanota hey, no such plans yet. It doesn't make too much sense because of how tightly things integrated.
It's Libre software though, anyone can take any parts they like and adapt it

@jeybe Not right now, it's a Tutanota client and a Tutanota app - not a general email app. But we'll see what the future brings!

@Tutanota Reading the post and not already being a tutanova user, I couldn't tell: With the desktop client, will it work similar to others like Thunderbird, where I can retrieve my emails, saving them locally and deleting them off the server?

That would allow me to make the move. πŸ‘

@leadore @Tutanota it doesn't work offline yet, sorry! It's one of the goals on the roadmap though:

@leadore Thanks for your feedback, that might come at a later stage. Right now it is synced so when you delete in the web client, it also deletes in the desktop client.

@leadore Yes, all these features are planned - offline availability, import, export. BTW bulk export is already possible, also in the web client. ;)

Typo in the blog post: "majos" instead of "majors" :)

@Tutanota Installed it on Windows 10, looking at active sessions, both browser as desktop client are listed as Chrome Desktop? Bit confusing.

@elieuw Thanks for the notice, we'll improve this in the coming weeks!

Wait, why distribute a strpped elf binairy? Please stop this nonsense. You are assuming versions with a dynamic stripped binairy and are not even checking the versions.

autoUpdater info: Checking for update
autoUpdater info: Generated new staging user ID: 6bc1d6ab-88ac-5199-aa02-729a176d177d
autoUpdater info: Update for version 3.44.9 is not available (latest version: 3.44.9, downgrade is disallowed).
autoUpdater info: Checking for update
autoUpdater info: Update for version 3.44.9 is not available (latest version: 3.44.9, downgrade is disallowed).

I might reconsider using tutanota too, warned about the snaps before.
B.t.w., do not mount stuff in /tmp but in the users temp dir, damn, that is a beginners error
Hmm, it is simply a chromium browser connecting to your server? Why would you need libffmpeg?
The remaining question should be how you compiled chromium, as gpl or not.... If it is compiled as gpl then the license lacks. It is not provided for libffmpeg afaik.
Hmm, is that possible with a bsd licensed chromium browser?
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