Quit Google with the open source email service Tutanota. We focus on privacy, security and ease-of-use to build a secure open source alternative to Gmail. Get the Tutanota Android app on F-Droid now! 😍

@Tutanota Could you also focus on answering e-mails from users who have problems with your service? πŸ˜‰
9 days (and counting) of waiting for email is a bit long nowadays.

@mickiewicz Sorry about that, it should be answered by now. Could you re-send it in case it slipped through?!

@mickiewicz Did you send the email from a tutanota address? If it's a very technical question, the answer might take a while. If it's an easy question, you can also ask here: reddit.com/r/tutanota/

It is getting a bit embarrassing. The problem is that I cannot login nor change password to tutanota account. I'm reaching you using your official contact address from your website and my gmail-based email... and I did not receive even an auto-reply message. As for now I have sent 3 emails and waited 17 days. Either you block messages from gmail or I should rethink the idea of using your service.


@mickiewicz We don't block messages from Gmail. Could you DM your address so I can take a look?

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