We're happy to announce that all energy used for powering your encrypted mailboxes now comes from renewable energy. 😀

@Tutanota Bewegt man sich in dem bereich nun auch auf einer Ebene mit einem gewissen anderen Anbieter der "grün" ist. Finde ich gut.

Tutanota not using green energy was the only major flaw I could find with it when researching email providers. Now I not only feel secure, but also climate smart by using @Tutanota Thank you!

@Tutanota sounds good but from whom (which power company ) do you / your datacenter buy that green energy?


Any news on that question?
("from whom (which power company ) do you / your datacenter buy that ' green energy' ?" )

cc @greenfediverse

@Tutanota @greenfediverse

OK, thanks a lot for the answer, though it was not was I was hoping for! :-(

As far as I can tell is owned either by or by (they have been - and I think still are - selling it back and forth, probably to confuse people and for ), and both are NOT allies on the path towards .
I wouldn't want for any of them to get my money! :-(

Did you consider other options or will you do so in the future?

@el_joa @greenfediverse Thanks for your feedback. We didn't know that and will look into it. For the servers, however, we don't have much choice as it's done via our hosting partner. It took several years of convincing/pressure until they would offer us green energy at all...

@Tutanota @el_joa @greenfediverse
Any news on this?
Also, since I've been reading the usual flames on reddit about whether "green energy" is green at all, but atm I'm only interested in having tangible clue of genuine and transparent effort as a first step by your side to switch to your service... could you please add a page on your website where the energy providers and your relaying on them are clearly stated? That would make your claims easier to track and give you more credibility. Thanks!

@materhyu No news, sorry. As we host our servers at a data center, we can't freely decide, but we've at least made them switch to renewable energy via innogy. For our office we use a better sustainable provider as here we have the power to choose ourselves.
@el_joa @greenfediverse

@Tutanota This is awesome! I was also waiting for this before making the switch from Posteo.

@Tutanota interconnected? Facebook blocks the "shadow profile" they made for me for having violated terms of service, even without an actual account there, I have to guess for criticizing their business and refusing to work for them no matter how much they offered to pay me, and now I find there are a number of other sites I cannot create an account on that seem to use fb as a kind of social credit clearing house.

@Tutanota So when are you going to update your FAQ and denounce your plans to accept payment in cryptocurrency?

@kerfuffle We haven't discussed this lately, but we'll definitely do before starting to implement anything in this regard.

@Tutanota Thanks for the reply. Hope you'll change your stance on it. Involvement with cryptocurrency - even flirting with the idea - is for many a reason to avoid companies & their services.

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