We're happy to announce that all energy used for powering your encrypted mailboxes now comes from renewable energy. 😀

@Tutanota Bewegt man sich in dem bereich nun auch auf einer Ebene mit einem gewissen anderen Anbieter der "grün" ist. Finde ich gut.

Tutanota not using green energy was the only major flaw I could find with it when researching email providers. Now I not only feel secure, but also climate smart by using @Tutanota Thank you!

@Tutanota sounds good but from whom (which power company ) do you / your datacenter buy that green energy?


Any news on that question?
("from whom (which power company ) do you / your datacenter buy that ' green energy' ?" )

cc @greenfediverse

@Tutanota @greenfediverse

OK, thanks a lot for the answer, though it was not was I was hoping for! :-(

As far as I can tell is owned either by or by (they have been - and I think still are - selling it back and forth, probably to confuse people and for ), and both are NOT allies on the path towards .
I wouldn't want for any of them to get my money! :-(

Did you consider other options or will you do so in the future?

@el_joa @greenfediverse Thanks for your feedback. We didn't know that and will look into it. For the servers, however, we don't have much choice as it's done via our hosting partner. It took several years of convincing/pressure until they would offer us green energy at all...

@Tutanota This is awesome! I was also waiting for this before making the switch from Posteo.

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