We ❤️ open source. Your Tutanota client is fully published as open source software. 😍 We even built our own captcha instead of using Google's Captcha. Read here why:

Isn't it super easy for robots to go through this?

@Tutanota I really welcome your approach. But your clients need a server to talk to - will you release the backend part under an open source license as well?

@lenzgr @Tutanota Heck, I'd be happy with a proxy that let me use IMAP and SMTP.

@freakazoid IMAP is not possible because we could not support the end-to-end encryption with this. Instead, we've built our own desktop clients:


@Tutanota @lenzgr I'm aware. Using Electron if I'm not mistaken. Weird that ProtonMail managed to do it (though it seems impossible to download now).

@lenzgr The current server is too complex for most people, but we're thinking about releasing a small version in the future...

@Tutanota too complex? That sounds like a lame excuse to me. The Linux kernel is complex, still people contribute to it. I think you're either underestimating the capabilities of open source developers, or you're trying to protect your business by not releasing the server sources. Without these, the client is useless, open source or not...

@lenzgr @Tutanota databases are complex and still open source like MySQL, mariadb or postgresql. Even compiler - the most complex softwares ever build - are free. @fsfe

@comrad @lenzgr Point taken, will elaborate: The server-side is not easy to set up. Individuals would not be able to set up their own instances without a lot of support - for which we don't have time as we want to focus on improving the client right now. We plan to develop a small open sourced server, easy to set up, but this is not on our immediate to-do list. @fsfe

@Tutanota @lenzgr @fsfe You don't have to provide support - that's the sweetspot! There is no guaranteed support for Apache HTTP, MySQL or even huge projects like Open Stack.

If a user wants support they can ask the expert (you guys) and you can charge them for it. It is a normal and viable business model. Or you don't and just provide the open source code. 🙂

@comrad True, but we still have to develop the small server to enable self-hosting, even this will take a lot of time... We plan to do it, but first we have to get the email client perfect (lots of features are still missing: to further raise the quota of people switching to the paid version. Then we can employ a dev who dedicates his entire time to open sourcing the server. Thanks for your patience!

@lenzgr @fsfe

@Tutanota @lenzgr @fsfe just a reminder that Open Source doesn’t mean free as in gratis. Especially the states that you are only required to provide the source code to who you‘ve given the software. And this can be very well only be to paying customers.

Open source is a chance for freedom of choice and should not be a burden to the developing company.

@Tutanota is your software somewhere for download so others can use it for their services?

@paulakreuzer Unfortunately, part of it is run on the server so others can't use it (yet).

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