@radicalrobit I wonder what @Tutanota thinks about this and if it can be blocked.

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We consider AMP an attempt by Google to take control over the web. Now they want to control your inbox too. Email is not an app platform or ad platform, it is a communication medium. We have no plans currently to support this and it means that you will receive just normal emails as usual. The best way to stop email from being colonized by Google is to use privacy-conscious alternatives and tell others to do the same. πŸ˜‰


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The problem is four fold:

1. Part of the problem is psychological. It's weird to see an email address that *isn't* either a corporate or a Gmail account.
2. It's not just Gmail that needs to be replicated it's Google Docs and Voice.
3. Rock solid migration tools (to and from) any given alternative are a must.
4. There need to be selling points other than "privacy" which is (sadly) invisible to the end user.

@Tutanota @jrswab @radicalrobit

Even as a loyal ProtonMail user I have mad respect for this approach. Thanks for being one of the good ones!

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