Look no further to enhance your privacy! This guide by @michaelgrothaus provides great tips as well as Google alternatives, including:

@openstreetmap @torproject

@Tutanota @torproject @openstreetmap that is... not a good paranoid person's guide lol, maybe a good general guide rather. DuckDuckGo, Firefox and Signal amongst others discussed aren't good alternatives, nor is the prospect of burner phones / ID's that still require identification to purchase and no mention of the fediverse whatsoever. Some good points are there regardless.

Can the Tutanota app run on pureos or any other os that is not android or ios?

@lakeview We haven't tested it on pureos, but we plan to adapt the mobile app for the upcoming Librem5 - possibly we'll do both then!

Do you happen to have any dates when you'll start testing with the librem 5, or some where we can check for progress updates?


No date, yet, but we expect to make this work rather quickly once we start. ;)

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