“AMP isn’t about speed. It’s about control.”
We at Tutanota couldn't agree more. Read here why AMP for email is bad and why we will never support it:

@Tutanota hey guys, any plans for an onion site to help protect users in dictatorships research you without having to worry about rogue certificate authorities :)?

@blacklight447 Yes, that's planned, but not one of the immediate to-dos.

@Tutanota Awesome to hear! I recommend you to make a v3 onion, they come with big crypto updates to make impersonation way, way harder.
and i recommend to use a one hop service, it wont hide the tutanota server, but give an big increase in performance, while still giving the user anonimity and all the neat security goodies tor services bring.

@Tutanota To be fair, AMP plugins for most CMSes having no documentation at all (but requiring manual template editing to use) is helping kick AMP in tender places.

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