This article shows that Gmail has become too powerful and is using this power against us:

It is time to quit Gmail! ✊ Check out why Tutanota is better:

@Tutanota we all get the benefit of you over Gmail here... I think the bigger question is why are you better than ProtonMail?

@erikstl @Tutanota
They are less expensive than ProtonMail. And they use different methods to send encrypted email. - I'm not one to say one is better than the other. But I like Tutanota. For me it was their price.

@randynose @Tutanota (may be a silly argument, but) I think there's something to be said for ease of pronouncing and explaining your email address.

ProtonMail is something that most (English) speakers can easily recognize.

Tutanota, not so much.

This is more of a tie-breaker reason, though.

@erikstl @Tutanota
Hmm... Actually, I don't think that's a bad point, if you have to tell people verbally your email address.
Perhaps that could be negated if one were to make up a QR Code that was scan-able on their phone?
That wouldn't work so well for telling a grocery store clerk or the receptionist of your doctors office.
But you do have a point.

Thanks for the reply. So, with different domains, can I use Tuatnota with my own domain Somehow? Thus having a simple to pronounce email address?

@randynose Yes, you can use Tutanota with your own domain, check out all features you'll get with Premium:
Thanks for your support! :)



Had similar problems myself sending non-SPAM emails to Gmail accounts. Google , Facebook and Twitter are undermining not only the internet but democracy itself. We need to develop and encourage alternative cyber alternatives as politicians are simply not up to the task of scrutinising these monopolies and bringing them to task.

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