Yay! 🎉 We've developed an encrypted calendar in less than 2 months. 😃😍You can already check out the beta:

Can't find the source code of this calendar, same as with the backend.

Even facebook opensources more of their components without explicity advertising it as FOSS on their homepage

@succfemboi It's part of the repository, @charlag do you know where to find the calendar?

Ok I take it back, but why the backend still hidden though. You might recieve code contributions from there as well

@succfemboi @charlag We plan to release a small server for private users as open source. But as this is a lot of work, we have to focus on features first to increase Tutanota's overall competitiveness.

Thanks for the response. It looks pretty well designed and functional but idk if pushing changes to github takes too much time though. Will the released backend be different from the one in use at on your service?
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